They Say

maybe all eyes in this world could see what was happening in front of their eyes, something that rarely happened but never happened.

They say it's all real because if it is only done with real heart talk was just a dream, they are smiling for no reason they say there is something that makes it different, is it?.

have to do with anything? they can do anything even beyond their intellect, they could even give life.

every kiss and hug it was very meaningful, but it's useless if they break up it will be a memory that they often missed.

they say life is slowing down and even halted, however, when they have lost their say life is much longer.

When those words really mean they will keep it and continue to repeat it in their minds.

nothing is as beautiful as it was, they told me that this beauty that God gave different flavors which can feel like traveling around the world and feel all the sensation.