Maybe someday I'll be aware of all of this is without me knowing I did, even later I could not see the sun again shone my light because it has moved from place to place to another. If only could I repeat I will make sure no one is hurt because none of my doing, I'm even too wild always assume I'm always right, when in fact I have always just made ​​a terrible mistake is unforgivable. They always cover me as if I should always be justified but it's worth I do not like it makes me more confident to do what I want to do even one.

If I was given the opportunity before parting maybe I'll apologize to those who had always been kind to me, I'll do anything for the sake of a sincere apology from their hearts, because I'm afraid it's more poignant regret than that they feel as I do thing wrong with them. but this is me and the other man, always had a deliberate error or not to be solved by shaking hands or berpulukkan unwittingly makes the heart feel relieved Set up to hear our apology accepted and calm face the world again.