when the camera lens is fixed, I think it's just an eye on me peek my world with you holding the camera seemed to you, too, were clutching my heart. there is only a slight smile but to me it means a lot more than you know it when you make smile smile hindered rigid face in front of a camera, I can not confirm this feeling, a feeling which suddenly comes when you step forward with your feet above the earth seemed slightly vibrates when it was a small earthquake my heart. oh god help me I'm now entangled with what I want to avoid that now seemed to strangle the heart and forced him to fall, fall in love. men are very simple with all the beauty of it is hard to describe by any other person included. I could only see it from a distance with a period very briefly and took a few more days to see it again, as it did not have to wait then he will come by itself.

I just knew he was a man I admire and I just simply know his name, because if I go any further, farther to go again I know there will be something I have passed with full force. he will continue to be a small image that I I paste disebuah walls that I have prepared for those who I love but I can not have fully, if I could maybe it would just be a dream so I awaited his presence.The name that I will always remember ever carve a difficult image I translate, I do not know how long if I should try to get it. never mind I really really hate this feeling, but I can not do anything I could not refuse to come I can not throw him out when he is now a parasite my heart, love. if I can repeat it currently runs holding a camera in hand, walk on earth, photographing what he wants, maybe I was very confident when he addressed the camera panned right my face I think I'm the one he was looking for, but I do not know what the meaning of all of it. now I'm going to let this feeling go away by itself, although sometimes when I see it so passionately as will erupt, shaken so hard.

I promise I will continue to keep my attitude, I should not perdulikannya but I still watched the slow way. I would notice it when he was doing or walking in front of me I would notice all that and enjoy it with not so obvious, because I'm afraid to look weird in front of him by acting like children, god help me I'd love to fall in the right place, no pain, and do not leave scars. if love exists only in a dream, then let me dream with someone who you choose to be my lover. although now I have been saturated to fall in love, I can not express it, I just could not feel it himself when he felt in love with me. I made ​​too many mistakes I was already fragile I try to smile though sometimes if I remember love is always begging.

for you men which I am going, I know we have countless distance away, we have different dimensions is difficult to unite us because I know we do not know each other.