I Hope You...

Could I repeat ever love ?
with men who ever filled a few years in my life
at night I'd ever thought turns into reality
through messages that you send a sudden you're there in front of my house
we went through the streets like him in spite of any existing
and this seems to be my first time for both of the men were ever in my heart
I think I started to fall in love again in your
but I still hesitate to it
sometimes be near you is a very difficult thing to do after we split up last year
and sometimes when you are near the very - very like a dream in the sleep very soundly
dinner with you
talk to you
you're sitting right in front of me
really like the novel or movie
where I can actually see your eyes and hope there is something I can sense it
but I forget about that goal and even cool to talk to you
I even forgot about our past and existing only dots will connect in the future
I hate it that night selebum is the distance between us
I hate most is the distance but do not know what you were thinking
I was very happy that night
I think we 've missed break down the wall that once prevented us
and it feels solid wall it will come back when we are hindered by distance
and I just hope you always remember me when we separated the same distance
and I hope you are often informed me through a very brief message
although your message short I can interpret it at length
although I occasionally interrupted with a very brief message
and the evening was
when the night wind that hit us was riding a motor
I like your perfume
for some reason every time I smell the perfume of the person who made ​​me comfortable with that person, including the person that you

I hope we can repeat it again ......